Essential Oils Today


Essential oils have been around for thousands of years and have been used in cooking, cosmetics, healing and religious ceremonies and continue to be used throughout the world today. Scientist over the years have analyzed and tested the therapeutic benefits of Wholesale Essential Oils and there are many books written about the therapeutic benefits as well. It is known that essential oils contain vitamins, hormones, plant estrogen along with natural antiseptics and antibiotics and may contain the life force of the plant itself. Essential oil or plant essence is the extracted liquid from the plant; stems, leaves, flowers, roots, bark and seeds. This liquid may be extracted by using different methods. Steam distillation uses low heat for long periods of time and may produce the best quality essential oil. Plants or parts of the plant are placed in or over a kettle of water and the steam is collected. Only steam distilled plant essences can be called “essential oils”. Other methods include absolutes; which is extracted by using a solvent, cold pressed; just like it sounds the plant is pressed by machine to extract the liquids, hydro-diffusion; is very similar to steam distilled however in this method the steam is forced from the top of the plant rather than from the bottom. This method is best suited for very leafy herbs and produces essential oils that are very close to what is found in the plant itself.

Essential oils may be used to reduce stress, by using the correct plant essence the effects on the central nervous system can be a gentle and effective way to change mood and/or stress level. One of many essential oils used to reduce stress is lavender (lavendula Angustifolia, lavendula officinalis) this oil is known as a great stress reliever and “The Universal” oil. It is “baby-safe” and may be used directly on the skin to treat wounds. The oil is known as a natural sleep inducer and makes a great insect repellent as well. So a couple drops under your pillow will ensure a bug free good-nights sleep. Neroli (citrus aurantium), is yet another essential oil that may be used for nervous tension, insomnia and stress-related illness as it has a very positive and calming influence over our nervous system.

Preventative healthcare is yet another benefit from essential oils. They are a natural way to strengthen our physical, mental and spiritual beings. Essential oils work by supporting our entire body and boosting our immune system. Tea Tree (melaleuca alternifolia) essential oil for example is used for many health benefits; its actions are used as an anti-septic, anti-viral and fungicidal among many other uses. It helps to combat acne, athlete’s foot, warts and helps to heal wounds from insect bites or other infected sores. There are many other essential oils beneficial for use in healthcare. Geranium (pelargonium graveolens), rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis)and peppermint (mentha piperita) just to name a few, each specializing in their own unique properties. Aroma therapy is not an instant cure, you may also need to consult with your own doctor to be sure there are no contradictions with your medications. Essential oils are a part of holistic health that help to support the body and may be used in harmony with allopathic medicine.

Inhalation or breathing in the essential oil is one way to obtain its benefits. The beneficial properties from the plant travel directly to our limbic system, this is the area which controls our basic needs and emotions. This connection is instantaneous and the effect is already at work before we have a conscious thought about what we are smelling. The central nervous system reacts on reflex and is responding before you can say the name of the oils that you are smelling.